Rainy Revelry at the Kings Heath Artisan Market, 12th November 2023

Kings Heath Artisan Market. Badger's Trance Art stall.

"Singin' in the Rain..." (I'm sure you know this song). Well, maybe I didn't sing, but I certainly found myself in the rain at the Kings Heath Artisan Market. This marked my first experience trading in bad weather. Initially, I was concerned that the market would be empty, devoid of visitors. To my surprise, it was quite bustling!

I was impressed by the individuals who left the comfort of their warm homes to explore the market. Despite the weather, I had numerous interesting conversations because epoxy resin isn't a well-known medium for many people. I love talking about epoxy resin, explaining the technique, and discussing pigments (though I still keep some of my secret techniques to myself, of course). Engaging with people face-to-face is what I love about in-person sales—an experience that online shops can't provide.

I can't wait for another market, which will be on the 1st of December at Eastside Project Gallery in Digbeth. Stay tuned for more exciting news from my Epoxy Resin world :)

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