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Original, Epoxy Resin Artwork

Original, Epoxy Resin Artwork

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This expansive epoxy resin artwork is a captivating mixed media piece
that showcases a combination of mediums to create a visually stunning
composition. The primary medium used in this artwork is epoxy resin,
which has been colored with a wide array of pigments, including
transparent, opaque, and metallic variations. The use of these
pigments adds depth and complexity to the colors, creating a vibrant
and dynamic visual experience.

In addition to the epoxy resin, golden acrylic paint has been
incorporated into the artwork to add texture and further enhance the
overall composition. The interplay between the textured acrylic paint
and the smoothness of the resin creates an intriguing contrast,
capturing the viewer's attention.

The artwork has been coated with clear resin in certain areas. This
technique accentuates specific spots, creating depth and visual
interest within the piece.

The color palette of this artwork is warm and dynamic, exuding energy
and vitality. Shades of red, orange, and yellow dominate the
composition, accompanied by hints of purple and copper gold. The
central circle within the composition acts as a focal point, drawing
the viewer's gaze and anchoring the overall design.

This artwork serves as a bold and captivating element in any home. Its
size and striking composition make it a commanding presence, adding a
strong visual impact to your space. Whether displayed in a
contemporary setting or as a statement piece in a more eclectic
environment, this epoxy resin artwork is sure to captivate viewers and
become a focal point of admiration.

Epoxy resin is known for its exceptional durability, making this
artwork resistant to lateral pressure, UV rays, and scratches. It will
not yellow or change color even when exposed to sunlight, ensuring its
longevity and preserving its vibrant hues.

The artwork is framed with a pine wood frame, adding an extra touch to
its overall presentation. It is ready to be displayed on your wall,
allowing you to effortlessly enjoy its beauty.

The artwork is sign and validate by certificate of authenticity.


size with the frame:
H:99: x W:59 x D:2.5
Weight: 8.3 kg

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