Kings Heath Artisan Market

On the 9th of April 2023, the second Artisan Market took place in the enchanting Kings Heath, Birmingham. Kings Heath holds a special place in my heart; it's one of my favorite areas in Birmingham, brimming with independent restaurants, cozy cafes, quaint bookshops, and captivating art galleries. That's precisely why I was doubly thrilled to participate in this event, marking my debut in street sales.

Engaging with people, sharing the wonders of epoxy resin as a medium, was an incredible experience. I genuinely value face-to-face interactions with my clients; there's an irreplaceable connection that online sales simply can't replicate.

The scenery was equally splendid. April's arrival, along with the Easter weekend, added an extra layer of charm, even though England seemed to be clinging to its chilly weather (come on England, where's your spring spirit?).

This experience has left me craving more markets, and I'm fully prepared to venture across England in search of new opportunities.

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