About me

I wanted to tell you about myself and my passion for art. I was born in Krakow, south of Poland, and  from a very young age I was always interested in various forms of art. After completing my degree in Visual Arts where I specialised in artistic weaving, I decided to pursue canvas painting. Currently, my main medium is epoxy resin, which gives me unlimited possibilities for creative expression.
My goal is not only to stimulate the senses and evoke various associations in the viewer, but also to encourage reflection and creative thinking.

I would like to invite you on a journey to my world of colours, forms, and shapes. My works contain many secrets and hidden meanings that are worth discovering and experiencing with me. Don't hesitate to step into my studio and let my paintings touch your senses and incite emotions you've never experienced before.
Painting with resin is a combination of knowledge, skills, and intuition for me. It is not just a form of artistic expression, but also a kind of challenge and struggle with the material, as the resin dictates its own rules and direction. It's an incredible feeling when I can navigate the resin in the desired direction and create something that I planned beforehand.

Colour, harmony, and balance are particularly important to me in my work, as they translate into the emotions I want to evoke in the viewer. Although my work is abstract, I believe that every painting that comes to life in my studio contains a theme, message, or emotions that I want to convey to the viewer.

Creative Process


Whenever I'm looking for inspiration for my resin work, I start with an impuls. It can be anything - colours observed in nature, book covers or colourful magazines, a composition of objects scattered on the floor. Sometimes the impulse appears suddenly, like when I'm out for a run or even when I'm doing my daily chores.  That's when the idea for the next project appears in my head.

Idea  Maturing

When I grasp the impulse, I begin to develop it in order to transform it into a concrete project. This is the longest stage of my entire work, sometimes taking me several weeks. I plan the composition, and the colours come later, depending on what I want to achieve. I work on the idea for a long time until I get the final version. I never execute the project, it only exists in my head. Only then do I move on to the next stage - preparing the canvas.

Preparing the Canvas

I prime the canvas, mark the main directions of the composition with painter's tape, and secure the edges with tape to protect them from the resin. When I'm ready, I prepare the pigments - usually a collection of inks, transparent, pearlescent, and opaque pigments.


When I paint, I divide the work into stages and wait for each layer to dry before applying the next one. That's why creating my paintings is a time-consuming process. I use a heat gun to move the resin in the desired direction, and a blow torch to remove any air bubbles. Working with resin is difficult because it has an optimal consistency for a short period of time, when it can be manoeuvred and colours can be smoothly mixed. When the resin starts to set and thicken, the work becomes practically impossible. Every move during painting must be deliberate. It's not like with traditional paints, where everything can be painted over and the process can be started again. This medium teaches me openness, flexibility, and not being too attached to my projects. I accept with humility when the resin doesn't conform to my intentions and flows in its own direction. I only share my artwork with the audience when it reaches the artistic form I desired.


When the work is done, I remove the protective tape from the edges of the canvas and proceed to framing. I sand each frame to remove any splinters and smooth out the wood. Carpentry is my hobby and a big challenge. I believe that framing gives depth to the painting and perfectly completes the composition.

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