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Large, Framed Epoxy Resin Abstract Artwork

Large, Framed Epoxy Resin Abstract Artwork

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In this painting, the colors, pigments, and composition were meticulously planned and carefully considered. While understanding the nature of resin and the characteristics of various pigments allows for only a preliminary prediction of the final result, this artwork represents the culmination of three years of dedication and exploration of resin as a dynamic medium.

The painting maintains a subdued and cool color scheme, with subtle yet captivating warm accents of gold. At its center, there lies a dreamlike, mesmerizing element accentuated by dynamic vertical lines within the composition. These elements were born from the resin flowing along the edges of the canvas, solidifying into vertical lines. However, the tranquility of the work is disrupted by the vigilant eye that watches us, observing our movements and reactions when faced with the painting.

This modern artwork will infuse a unique character into your interior space. It comes framed to enhance its beauty and overall presentation.

Epoxy resin is known for its exceptional durability, making this artwork resistant to lateral pressure, UV rays, and scratches. It will not yellow or change color even when exposed to sunlight, ensuring its longevity and preserving its vibrant hues.



size with the frame:
H:127 x W:100 x D: 2 cm
Weight: 17.45 kg

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